Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to compile a variety or reliable sources to help address some frequently asked questions that relate to the water industry. 

You may direct further questions to the general office at (254) 879-2258.



How much water is wasted if I have a leak?

How can I check for a silent toilet leak?

What are some common causes of toilet leaks?

How can I check for invisible or unnoticed leaks in other places besides my toilet?


How much water is used . . .

In my kitchen?

By my washing machine?

In the bathroom?


In home conservation

What can I do to conserve water in the kitchen and while doing laundry?

How can I change my bathroom habits to conserve water?

How much water does my toilet require for each flush?

I have an older toilet. Can I still conserve water?

What are some other in-home conservation tips?


Health, Smells, and Tastes

How does water affect our bodies?

Help! Why does my water stink and taste funny?

Are these stinks and tastes harmful to my health?

Should I use bottled water instead of tap water?


Hard and Soft Water

What’s the deal?: hard water vs. soft water

Should I install a water softener in my home?

How do water softeners work?



What percent of the world is water?